“How are you?” Easy to ask but somewhat harder to genuinely mean.
Why? It takes time, commitment, skill & generosity to give the question the attention it deserves.
I’ve been struck through COVID how many leaders have responded by engaging with their people like never before – by talking to them, checking in, listening, investing in relationships, working with feelings, emotions & needs, balancing task, team & individual needs & coaching. It’s good, solid & traditional leadership stuff. It’s nothing new.
Sadly, it’s not universal & I’ve also heard of many occasions when employees have felt forgotten, purposeless, over- or under-employed & adrift.
It tells us that these foundation approaches are utterly relevant now as there were when they were first codified, published, taught & practiced.
I’m struck by how the enabling leadership practices I’ve described above can be rapidly brought to life & can be taught & used in this virtual world. If you want help for you or your colleagues get in touch.
Go on, ask your people “How are you?” & mean it, and be able to work fluently with whatever you get. You’ll be doing them a great leadership service.