I’ve recently become re-acquainted with the British Army’s excellent leadership doctrine & I’m reminded of one of its core principles that a single, unambiguous aim is the keystone of success.
It reminded me of a long-historic client that was engaged in culture transformation as a key enabler of organisation performance using a portfolio of well designed & executed interventions.
Through changes of ownership & an increasing focus on cost & time-efficiency, the transformational ‘heart’ work was eventually replaced with a package of e-learning ‘packages’. The aim had drifted from enabling transformation at an organisational level to an individual demonstrating a cost saving. A big shift.
Often, purpose isn’t clearly defined & I’m no longer surprised when senior leaders offer incomplete of different versions of their organisation’s vision & mission. Being clear on purpose is relevant for everyone & at all levels in an organisations. Purpose informs strategy, it underpins the contribution of every individual. It plays a part in individual & organisational resilience. Why am I here & how am I contributing to the delivery of the mission should be a constant refrain for us all?
The job of leaders is to define & communicate clear purpose to bind people together through adversity. Good people will do the rest. It is relevant now more than ever with so much drift & uncertainty in our world.
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