My latest virtual session was entitled ‘Resilience & Leading Through Crisis’ & delievered for members of the Army Cadet Force leadership community from across the UK.

It illustrates the approach I’m using in my virtual work, namely to create fully interactive & engaging experiential sessions that blend a focus on Vertical (developing an individual’s ability to think and make sense of the world around them) & Horizontal Development (the acquisition of skills, knowledge & tools).

I’m fully enjoying & appreciating the impact & power that results from integrating some of the excellent digital platforms that are available these days because of the positive impact that it offers to learners. There is now the possibility of creating emotionally & intellectually engaging sessions that help participants to explore their underlying belief systems whether their focus relates to  leadership practice, enabling others’ high performance or personal resilience.

I used Miro to create engaging & interactive content: I presented content & engaged individuals through a new platform called mmhmm, all streamed though Zoom. It’s poweful combination that bears no relation to the lecture approach embedded in the Powerpoint-Zoom combination.

100% agreed it was enjoyable, useful, well-delivered & generated commitment to new beliefs & behaviours relating to leading personal & team resilience. Participants also described it as a brilliant & thought-provoking session. It’s part of the future landscape for powerful people development interventions.