Here’s what clients & other stakeholders have said about Andy Harmer…

Andy’s intuitive ability to deliver tailored programmes which surpass the norm is impressive. His inherent skill to delve and challenge brings a level of gravitas and insightful alignment to business needs which has springboarded the personal and professional development of our Management teams. There is no one better, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Angeline Barnes, HR Director

Having worked with Andy at two companies, I have always been impressed by the calm, thoughtful approach that Andy brings, particularly into situations where we are working with a varied group of people to bring about some fundamental changes in behaviour and thinking.

Andy also brings a high level of flexibility to the workshops that he runs, comfortably moving with the flow of thoughts and discussion, and spending time on new topics where necessary, whilst always bearing in mind the overall objectives.

And he personifies the approaches that he teaches, engaging in high quality conversations from the outset. Andy is a great asset to have available, and I happily recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve the performance of a team.

Oliver Burstall,
Managing Director
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We worked with Andy and his colleagues over a three year period on a programme focussed on Executive and leadership development, organisational alignment and cultural change. This was no small undertaking and I found Andy’s enthusiasm and passion to create real and sustained change both infectious and inspiring.

Each stage of the programme was successful and we created a drum beat of change in the Company, helped immensely by my teams partnership with Andy and his colleagues. He is a leader in his field and is able to draw on his extensive experience of working with leadership teams to design appropriate solutions that are right for you and your organisation.

San Johal, HR Director

In my experience it is rare to come across real talent that stands out as emphatically as Andy does. I have had the pleasure in working with Andy on several projects, both as a client and as a participant in his mentoring programme. Most recently I asked Andy to assist me with developing a business plan and roll out strategy for an all encompassing change project at my company. He listened, questioned appropriately and assisted me in delivering a programme that ultimately delivered the high performing team that I was looking for. I felt he really understood what it was I was trying to achieve at every stage of the journey.

Andy’s ability to handle multiple touch points, personality types and external influences is unlike any I’ve seen before. He never fails to dedicate the time to really understanding the individuals wants and needs that he is working with not just the goals of the organisation that hires him. I have never seen anybody in my 25 years of working in my industry gain trust and empathy with a group as quickly as Andy does. He has made a dramatic improvement not only in my own career but now in improving my business going forward. As a team member or as a leader, Andy earns my highest recommendation.

Jerry Taylor, Managing Director

Undoubtedly one of the best people I have worked with. Andy helped shape me as an individual, coached me numerous times on engagements with Barclays and also helped me deliver a large talent programme of which the firm has benefited greatly from with many talented leaders. I would have no hesitancy in recommending Andy

Craig Ashby, Head of Financial Crime – Barclays Cards and Payments / Interim HO Financial Crime Barclays Europe

I worked with Andy for many years on numerous Talent Development and Leadership courses for Barclays. Andy is ultra professional, a fantastic facilitator of change and a great mentor. From a commercial perspective Andy was able to build and deliver 5 star programmes to meet our Business requirements all within budget

Mark Powell,
Talent Programme Manager

It’s been my pleasure to have worked with Andy on several high profile initiatives over the years. He’s a seasoned OD practitioner with extensive experience across a wide range of sectors. Andy brings an enquiring mind, sound insight and a disciplined approach when developing effective solutions for clients. He’s clearly motivated by a desire to deliver clear, relevant and durable outcomes and, as such, is an excellent partner who excels in building lasting relationships.

Jonathan Stevens,
Head of Catering

I have known, worked with and managed Andy since the early 2000s and I have always appreciated his dedication to excellence. He has high standards which drives his own performance and continual growth. Andy is thorough in his preparation in terms of understanding a client need and context as well as designing and devising great learning experiences. He is confident and courageous in his willingness to challenge groups and the ‘stars quo’ to truly help people learn to be the best they can. Above all this, I really enjoy working with Andy – it’s always and adventure!

Alistair Wilson,
Head of Consultant Resourcing

Andy and I worked together on a major leadership development programme. His contribution was vital to its success. Andy cares passionately about helping the people he works with improve. He was a skillful and responsive partner, good at listening and creative in finding some excellent solutions. He is also good to be around…we are still in touch years later!

Iain Hildyard, Director, Talent Development at Graphcore

A current client has recently benefited from my expertise & commented as follows in relation to the COVID-19 crisis…

You would have been pleased to note the quality of the leadership team’s comms with our people and with each other; acknowledging the emotions, personal effects, and beliefs that we will get through this. It’s clear to me this has made a real difference to how we have responded’.

Deputy Director

Andy did a lot of work with Welsh Government through Impact and I always found his energy and contribution invaluable. A great team player, thoughtful and always wanting to help and make a difference. I recommend Andy wholeheartedly particularly in the arena of change management, team and leadership development. A leader in his field without doubt.

Alistair Davey, Enabling People Director , Social Services and Integration Directorate


Leadership Team

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