Projects & Case Studies

In this section I describe a selection of the significant & capability-building Culture Transformation, Organisation & Leadership Development projects I’ve led in my career to-date. I’ve outlined some of the distinctive features of each project that has grown my capability to lead organisation-wide culture & leadership transformation initiatives.

Defence School of Transport

This whole-system transformation programme was commissioned to bring to life the vision of the Commandant of the Defence School of Transport – his ambition being that the establishment should both operate & be recognised a Centre of Excellence for wheeled vehicle driver training, both within & outside military circles.

In the first instance I delivered a suite of leadership programmes designed to give both civil service & military leaders the capability & confidence to act as change agents & to engage employees around the transformation agenda. In parrallel, a team effectives process developed the capacity of a Guiding Coalition to design & lead the transformation process designed to support the evolution of a high-performance leadership & performance culture.

BBC Business & Strategic Leadership Programme

Having joined the Cranfield University faculty as an associate, I’ve been teaching & coaching on a 2 year masterships programme for senior & middle managers from the BBC. The BSL incorporates a comprehensive portfolio of topics that are taught in depth – it’s the most academically rich & intellectually immersive development experience of my career as an Organisation Development consultant to date. In 2021 all modules & sessions were delivered virtually.

In addition to the rich range of topics covered in the curriculum, I’ve enjoyed gaining the status of Recognised Teacher and enriching my existing experiential practice with a deeper academic foundation, a combined approach that underpins transformation.

Mediacom (2021)

As an associate of Bec Development I co-conducted an LNA to ensure that Mediacom’s portfolio of technical & general training programmes were fit for purpose. A consultative approach to gather core themes was used – the process included 1:1s  with members of the global executive & senior leader population, virual engagement sessions with members of the global management community & an online survey.

The LNA identified current best practice & key training & cultural themes, all geared to helping the organsaition maintain & sustain a competive edge in its marketplace now & in the future.

FFE Ltd (2019-20)

This project was a whole organisation culture change to achieve a transformation in organisation performance. It involved working with the Executive Leadership Team & wider management community with the ambition that they engage, inspire and align all employees in co-creating a sustainable, high-performance culture.

Cambridge Judge Business School (2017-21)

This coaching initiative was put in place to support members of the management & academic community around their individual high performance, and indirectly contribute to a change in culture within the business school. It aligned with wider organisation development iniatives to ensure quality, alignment and cost effectiveness.

It was delivered through a small cohort of coaches who have become increasingly familiar with the organsiation’s culture. Particularly pleasing in successive years was the increased demand from the academic faculty to take part. Level 3 evaluation indicated it was perceived as positively contributing to staff engagement, performance & effectiveness.

Highways England (2016-19)

This project is notable as a large-scale (5,500 employees) culture transformation process that incorporated working with the Executive Leadership Team, the Senior Leader community (100 leaders), the whole management community (1600 People Managers) & all employees (3500 people) through a sequence of interventions scheduled as annual initiatives.

Each year’s initiative had a specific focus aligned to the people strategy; this included a focus on performance conversations, embedding the organsaition’s values, role alignment, delivery, self-awareness, leadership & management development. Aligned to the organisation transformation agenda, Team Coaching was provided to the Executive Team & the majority of Directorate Senior Leadership Teams to improve their ability to lead the culture transformation.

EPC-UK (2016-19)

This comprehensive, multi level management and leadership development programmes was commissioned to build a talent pipeline who were tasked with enabling a high performance culture within EPC-UK as a differentiator in the marketplace and to underpin staff retention. Targeting populations with aspirations to manage at senior, middle & junior levels, the curriculum included core management skills & knowledge & cultivated a new language & practice around leadership.

Senior leaders and in-house subject-matter experts were recruited to mentor, provide specialist knowledge inputs and engage in collective learning & discussion sessions, giving profile, exposure and development for all those involved. CMI accreditation was offered in parallel to the development process for those who wanted to complement their new skills & capabilities with qualifications. The programmes are closely associated with promotion to more senior positions & an increasing proportion of the organsiation’s management population are from the alumni.

European Engineering Manufacturing Company

This integrated, multi-level leadership and management development programme was designed to transform the organisation’s cultural heritage of task, technical & delivery focus to one that incorporated alignment, clarity of purpose & people enablement, the ambition being to significantly strengthen people engagement, increase innovation & draw on the expertise and discretionary effort of all exployees in a challenging business context.

A suite of impactful modules were delivered to enable managers aspiring to senior, middle & junior mangement roles to increase their self & social awareness, increase their propensity to provide effective leadership and to operate in alignment with the strategy. The ambition was to equip managers with the belief, confidence & skills to effectively lead their people.The impact of the core programmes was broadened through the creation of an alumni that leveraged the benefits of the idevelopment through informal networks and project teams.

Bauder (2008-Ongoing)

I’ve worked with Bauder since 2008 during which time the business’s turnover has increase ten-fold. An ongoing suite of organisation, team and individual development initiatives have been implemented over this period including Organisation Analysis, Senior Leadership Team effectiveness & Executive Coaching, & leadership development for all management populations.

The business has a distinctive culture based around valuing people, quality, relationships and expertise, and this acts as a differential in a competitive marketplace. The people strategy reflects the organisation’s values and places a strong emphasis on maintaining and developing the company culture as a key enabler of organisational performance.

Osram (2012-15)

This global, senior and middle manager development initiative was commissioned to transform the leadership culture with Osram’s very technical and task-focussed management population in order to encourage innovation in a rapidly evolving marketplace. The initiative used a fully blended learning solution that included strong experiential elements to engage leaders from Europe, Asia & America in developing a new leadership language to balance & complement the prevailing technical leadership culture.

The programme elements were designed to appeal to leaders from a range of cultural traditions and delivery teams were recruited in region to maximise social awareness, maximise efficiency & reduce cost, and generate alignment with local the context. Consistency of delivery quaity, style & approach across the newly recruited regional teams was achieved through peer supervision & mentoring underpinned by well codified programme materials & resources.

Unilever (2012-14)

This global development project for senior middle managers is notable as it involved a collaboration between disparate organisations such as Singapore Management University, YSC, Coach in A Box & Impact International to create a holistic development process that incorporate a common set of themes focussed on Judgement, Drive & Influencing. Delivery took place at Unilever’s Four Acres sites in both the UK & Singapore.

The Influencing module incorporated a sustainability simulation that provided an opportunity for leaders to experiment with leadership & influencing with peers, and internal & external stakeholders in an intense & challenging performance setting. Local delivery teams were recruited in Asia with a programme of development, mentoring & support put in place to ensure the consistency & quality of delivery.

United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation

This global leadership development programme had dual agendas in relation to my involvement. The external client’s agenda was to enable leaders from UN FAO to better lead their national teams to deliver the objectives of the organisation; the internal agenda was to develop the delivery expertise & capability of the local, national team of consultants. It therefore involved the complexity of 2 political systems!

The experiential programme was delivered in Rome & incorporated experiential elements to engage leaders from Asia & Africa with a range of cultural traditions in developing a common leadership language & practice. Additionally, it created strong networks of leaders better able to cooperate across national boundaries.

Barclays Emerging Leaders Programme (2010-15)

This award winning leadership development programme for senior middle managers from the UK Retail Bank and overseas operations focussed on enabling high performance through the transformation of the prevailing leadership culture & practice within the organsaition. It engaged senior sponsors & Line Managers at the earliest opportunity in order to develop an aligned support network & to disseminate the new way of working into more senior leadership populations.

The multi-modular programme incorporated powerful, outdoor experiential elements that that were used to explore the core themes of self-awareness & leadership. Novel methodologies including the use of dance were used to explore the metaphor of leading high performance in the workplace. Simulations, Action-Learning Sets & Business Projects were used to develop workplace application & develop new products & services that were then rolled out in the bank. The programme had a strong reputation & was regarded as a core development opportunity.

Welsh Government (2008-10)

The Leadership Programme was commissioned to transform the leadership and management culture within the Welsh Government, building on the strengths of its traditional civil service heritage and creating a more vibrant, forward thinking organisation with a leadership pipeline ready to led the organisation into the future, and fulfill its mission of service to the Welsh people.

The integrated, multi-level & multi-modular leadership development process gave those aspiring to lead at Senior Civil Service, Middle and First Line Manager levels the belief, confidence & skills to effectively lead their people. It successfully created a community of leaders at all levels and across all functions able to collaborate across functional boundaries, and was recognised as a significant factor to successful promotion.

British and Irish Lions (2001)

I still hold very find memories of working with the players and wider touring party within a week’s teambuilding programme prior to their departure to play Australia in 2001. I can vividly recall meeting Lawrence Dallaglio (a rubgy hero of mine) in a corridor & him shaking me by the hand & thanking me for the work we were undertaking to help the tour be a success.

It gave me a fascinating insight into how culture absolutely underpins high performance, how human beings want and need to be treated as adults, and the importance of leaders engaging every person’s intelligence, ideas & discretionary effort. It also gave me great confidence at an early stage of my career that I had the ability to facilitate useful learning in high-performance settings, a lesson I’ve never forgotten.


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