My Work

My primary interest is in organisation transformation through a focus on C-suite and senior team effectiveness, leadership development and executive coaching, all under the overarching practice of strategic organisation development. I believe self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership, and work with clients at a deep level of personal awareness to enable leadership high performance.

I particularly enjoy helping my clients explore and understand themselves in a new and more profound way; I choose to work at a deep level of self-awareness, helping people to embed enabling beliefs that lead to powerful, effective authentic personal and leadership behaviours. I’m skilful in use of inquiry and advocacy, and in providing support and challenge to achieve great learning outcomes.

I use my extensive experience of experiential learning to create learning solutions that respond to my clients needs, using my capacity for linking learning to business performance. I have a wealth of experience as a project manager of large-scale, award winning, global organisation and leadership development initiatives.


Leadership Team

Individual Leader